"The Beat Goes On"
                Englewood Florida's Percussion Studio!

The Beat Goes On Drum Studio                                                                                                                              3374 N Access Rd, Englewood                                                                                                                               941-460-8072   Linda Howe                                                                                                                          DrumEnglewood@gmail.com  





Welcome to

                             The Beat Goes On !!                                   

Our free time and leisure activities are very important to us.

My wish is to offer a diverse range of classes, workshops and activities to explore your cultural, entertainment and recreational interests. 

Whether you are looking to meet friends, try something new, brush up on your skills or be a part of a percussive perfoming group, we have something for you here!

There are beginner and intermediate classes, and I always endeavor to bring in various percussion experts whenever I can so we can satisfy any level drummer's needs.

My name is Linda Marie, and I'm a drum & dance class junkie.

I embrace every opportunity to drum, dance, make music, take classes and make new friends!

I would love to share my passion for percussion with you!

...The Beat Goes On is a drum studio with this philosophy...

Relax and have fun while learning!!

Aside from our weekly classes we also have:

Drum & Song Circles, Flash Mobs, House Concerts, Workshops and Cultural Events.

We are the Home Base to:

 The Beat Goes On Percussion Ensemble

Asante Afrika Women's Drum Group

Anam Cara Trio

'Eve Was Framed' Women's Percussion & Vocal Group for a Cause!!


Linda 941-460-8072