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Alessandra Belloni   "Rhythm Is The Cure"

Saturday, January 13th  11:30am-3:30pm

Pre-register $60.00  At the Door $75   Lunch included

Alessandra Belloni is a singer, percussionist, dancer and actress, born in Rome, Italy. She is commited to preserving the strong and tradition of her culture. She has been holding "Rhythm is thr Cure" Percussion & Dance workshops in Tuscany for 16 years. Named one of the best female percussionists by Drum Magazine, she is the only woman in the U.S. and Italy that specializes in Southern Italian folk dances and percussion combined with songs that she learned in Southern Italy.

Dance Workshop:
1) Tammoriatta- Elegant & Sensual dance from Naples with strong Spanish and Middle Eastern flourish, set to the beat of African 4/4 rhythms.
2) Pizzica Tarantella - Spider Dance - Erotic & dynamic ritual dance to a wild rhythm played on medium size tambourines.
3) Trance Healing Dance from San Rocco -

Participatory Drum Workshop:
1)Tammoriatta- 4/4 rhythm in honor of the Black Madonna making a circle of frame drum players. The focus is to give music therapists a pratical tool to use such as tambourines together with movement and exercises ti grounding and opening the heart chakra
2)Tarantella- fast obsessive 6/8 rhythm
3)Taratella de San Rocco - a 6/8 rhythm used to heal people from the plague