The Beat Goes On & Dance Etc
                Englewood Florida's Drum & Dance Studio!

 The Beat Goes On Drum Studio                                                                                                                              3374 N Access Rd, Englewood                                                                                                                               941-460-8072   Linda Howe                                                                                                                  

Dance Etc.                                                                                                                                                              3372 N Access Rd, Englewood                                                                                                                               941-460-8972  Dolores Jette                                                                                        



Drumming & Dancing in Englewood




4:30-5:30pm   African Bass Drums $10


5:00-6:00pm Middle Eastern Rhythms on Doumbek, Darbuka or Tar $10

7:00-8:00pm  African Drumming Level 1 $10


3:00-4:00pm Beat Goes On Percussion Ensemble Practice

4:30-6:00pm African Drumming Level 2 $10


11:00am - 12:00pm Women's Frame Drum Class on Tar & Tambourine $10


10:30-11:00am Free Basic Djembe Class

11:00am-12:00pm Drum Circle Grooves on the Djembe $10

All weekly classes are $10, class cards to get your 5th class free are available

Monthly Drumoholics Pass $50 allows you to take as many of Linda's classes that month.                                 (Does not include guest teachers or special workshops)

On every 5th Friday we have a Percussion Circle & Pot Luck, drummers of all levels welcome. Love Donation goes to the Dance Studio for use of the larger space.