The Beat Goes On...



Hello, I'm Linda Marie and I'm a Drumoholic.

I started drumming late in life, somewhere in my mid 40's on a Bodhran, which is an Irish Frame Drum. I began performing almost 20 years ago with the band West Of Galway, and still do when I get the chance.

I picked up a darbuka and learned to play a little, basically to avoid having to freestyle bellydance when my class had parties. 

Then I saw and heard a djembe, and goblet shaped drum from West Africa, popular at drum circles.  Several years of classes also introduced me to the African bass drums, then the Tambourine followed by the Tar, a north African frame drum. I traveled all over the state, and then around the country to find workhop weekends and drum camps with African drummers. I traveled to Ireland and Italy to further my studies on the Frame Drums. 

My Dance studio opened in 2013. Eventually, I began teaching beginners, shortly after a drum circle started on Englewood Beach. It was new and exciting and folks wanted to learn. I taught beginners and invited the Djembe Masters who I had met to come and teach at my now expanded studio, The Beat Goes On. We should always try to learn from a variety of teachers and I wanted to offer that opportunity to my students. Dance Etc & The Beat Goes On remained open for 7 years before Covid changed things. 

I still play & teach Bodhran, Djembe, African Bass Drums, Tambourine and Tar with both private and group classes at various outdoor locations and online.

My students love to drum and we have different performance groups perfectly suited for different themes and venues. Come check us out!