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Walk 15 Fitness begins in January!

Give Walk 15 a try!
Walking is one of the simplest ways to get more exercise and offers many benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels! If you’re ready to rack up some steps and lead a more active lifestyle, join us Friday mornings at 8:30am to walk 3 miles!!

This program is specificall developed to get you moving!
Walk 15 is a great cardio workout that burns more calories than a stroll around the park because It’s a series of multi-muscle moves.
Movement set to the beats per minute in workout (and popular) music.

A higher muscle engagement leads to higher calorie burn, and of course more muscle tone.

…and all while being easy on the joints! Walking is the most natural and effective way to health and wellness.

Classes are Fridays at 8:30am $7.00. Fill a class card and get your 9th class FREE!